New Riskviews Wiki – Actuarial Applications of Plural Rationality

For several years now, I have been working with a small group of people to explore and write about the ideas of Plural Rationality and how it can be used in the field of risk management.  We have presented these ideas at multiple actuarial meetings around the world and published articles in a number of places.  You may be aware of this.

Recently, I recruited two new actuaries to this work and their reaction has been very favorable as they work on this and thereby learn more.  The theory of plural rationality has fairly strong explanatory powers.  They are helping to find new insights in a field that I know little about.

That experience has inspired me to invite all of you to join this effort.

To that end, I have created a wiki for development of actuarial discussions of plural rationality.

The list below are the pages/discussion topics that have been created so far.  The Background page includes links to most of the places where you can find the work that has been done to date on this by Michael, Thompson, Alice Underwood and I.  The others are blank pages that are example of possible discussion topics.  Other discussion topics are of course possible.

(This is all free, but to access, you will need to set up a pbworks account. I am not selling pbworks.  I just happen to like how it works. And it seems to let me do this for free.)

I believe that I need to send you a personal invitation to join the Riskviews network on pbworks so that you can set up the account.  So if you are interested, please send an email to  Feel free to forward this to anyone that you feel might have an interest.  This discussion is not necessarily restricted to actuaries.

  • Background on Plural Rationality
  • Implications for Risk Management
  • Implications for Risk Measurement
  • Implications for Catastrophe Risk measurement and management
  • Implications for Pensions
  • Implications for Equity Linked Life Insurance and Annuities
  • Implications for Mutual Insurance
  • Implications for Solvency II

If you are someone who has no idea what I am talking about and want to look at the Plural Rationality background materials without joining pbworks, you can see it at Plural Rationality and ERM page here on the Riskviews blog.

Dave Ingram

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