60,000 Hits and Counting

Sometime in April, Riskviews experienced its 50,000th hit.   In July, the 60,000th hit.

Many thanks to all who have looked at our efforts.

There have been almost 400 posts as well as more than 20 pages.  That is an average of almost 4 posts per week for the past two years.  Besides Riskviews, there have been posts from about 10 others, including the three “regulars”.  Riskviews is always open to others to write posts.  Especially if they express a different opinion from Riskviews.  (Riskviews finds the current practice whereby everyone only attends to opinions that they agree with to be totally intellectually stupefying.  Riskview would much prefer someone to disagree in a well reasoned discussion than to hear ideas repeated over and over.)

One of the most interesting things about the blog is that people keep reading older posts.  Only a few are time sensitive.  For example, here is the traffic for the 2nd Quarter 2011.  Almost 10,000 hits in that time.  Some of these posts are two years old now.  The “Home Page” indicates that people hit the front page of the blog, rather than on a particular post.  They were greeted there by the most recent post.

Home page 1,673 hits

Risk Management Quotes 1,299

Lightning or Lightning Bug 1,101

Best Risk Management Quotes 1,000

Risk Management Failures 446

Risk Adjusted Performance Measures 284

Timeline of the Global Financial Crisis 192

Liquidity Risk Management for a Bank 145

Lucas Fayne Highly Recommends this Blog 113

COSO & ISO 31000 & ERM for Insurers 105

GFC 2008 94

Beware the Risk Management Entertainment Systems 84

The Cost of Risk Management 83

Imminent Risk – Employee Turnover 82

Risk Management Success 80

Chief Risk Officers in the News 77

Plural Rationalities and ERM 77

Integrating Risk Capacity and Business Strategy 73

When your Parachute Doesn’t Open 68

GFC 2007 67

Identifying Risks 66

Actuarial Risk Management Volunteer Opportunities 66

Why the valuation of RMBS holdings needed changing 54

Thanks so much for your time and attention!


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2 Comments on “60,000 Hits and Counting”

  1. Per Stromsjo Says:

    Congrats on measurable progress!

    In my experience, search engines account for a substantial flow of blog traffic. This should explain why not all attention goes to the most recent post. Also, why should it? Why would a post from last year be any less interesting on a blog devoted to exploring complex subject matter from different angles?

    • riskviews Says:

      About 20% of the hits are coming to the “Quotes” page and post and almost all of that from search engines. That has been pretty steady. In fact, the volume of the hits to the Quotes page ran almost that high in the three months before the Riskviews posts started – when the blog was little more than just the Quotes page. The other 80% seem to be attracted by the posts. Recently, the word lightning in one of the post titles has attracted many hits – over 10% in the recent quarter. It’s down this quarter, but last year, a post with the word parachute in the title attracted many hits.

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