What to get a Risk Manager for Christmas

From the Riskczar

This Christmas season, when you don’t know what to get the one you love because they already have a Nintendo Wii, iPod Touch or Beatles Rock Band, why not give them the gift of voluntary risk management guidelines, the ISO 31000 Risk Management – Principles and Guidelines.

Imagine the joy Christmas morning when your loved one unwraps the guidelines (even though it is branded ISO it is not a certifiable standard) and looks at the table of contents, unsure which chapter to read first: 1) Scope; 2) Terms and definitions; 3) Principles; 4) Framework; and 5) Process. Oh, I would go straight to the Process chapter myself.

And ISO 31000 does not require batteries or recharging either. It will not break and does not contain any small, dangerous parts or toxic paints. It is way friendlier than COSO ERM (well so is a pit bull actually) and unlike other fun toys you might get his season, ISO 31000 will harmonize principles, framework and processes. Oh Joy!

For more information, check out this article at Strategic Risk

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