Corporate Finance

Learning Corporate Finance

From Jawwar Farid

Eleven years ago to this day I decided to start something that would help people who wanted to understand and learn finance, learn finance.  Eleven years later in a long forgotten folder, a dusty database yielded 150 concepts we had written for an online education venture that died in May 2001 and was buried in June 2002.

While the content and the examples posted here are quite dated (turn of the century and the boom years of 1999-2000) the covered concepts, applications and tools are still very relevant.  Course material is broken down into bite sized concepts and topics and giant application oriented cases.  I spent the last 12 months thinking about taking out the time to do this one day since I still remember the joy and pain of my first corporate finance course.

Learning Corporate Finance – course guide

Use the links above to visit Jawwad’s pages to view the course materials.


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