Hit Me!

RISKVIEWS just noticed that this blog had exactly 150,000 hits as of today!

In the scheme of things on the web that is an extremely small number.  But this is a blog about risk management that has no particular marketing scheme, not any idea of making anyone any money.   RISKVIEWS also writes for the WillisWire blog and a post there will get 25,000 hits in a week. 

But from RISKVIEWS point of view, 150,000 is an amazing number of hits.  It is really hard to imagine. 

WordPress has a statistical package that tells me that RISKVIEWS has had 107 hits today and 242 on the day with the most hits. 

Over half the hits to RISKVIEWS are folks looking at the collection of Risk Management Quotes

But there is a surprising degree to which visitors are looking at many of the old posts on the blog.  That is gratifying.  Only a few posts are in any way time sensitive.  It is good to know that old posts are still seen as potential worthwhile by visitors. 

So if you ended up on this page and were expecting some wise words about risk and risk management, feel free to brouse the categories listed on the right.  I would recommend that you try Uncertainty.  RISKVIEWS always likes writing about that. 

And by the time RISKVIEWS was done typing this, the count was up to 150,005. 

Many Thanks!

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