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  1. Former FDIC Chairman Sheila Bair speaking at #ermsymposium warns #SolvencyII against internal models as they encouraged banks to take risk

  2. What happened to last year’s discussion of a country CRO at the #ermsymposium?

  3. Speaker from Fed at #ermsymposium says CTE no good since you don’t know distribution. How was the product priced? Not with stress tests!

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  4. Seems that insurance industry may need to save up more cash to cover Nat Cat if forecasts on climate change are right! #ermsymposium

  5. Systemic risk decreases with transparency. #ermsymposium

  6. So, we trust national security to causal models because data does not work. But we trust financial systems to statistics. #ermsymposium

  7. Just hearing all the great things about Bayesian models…expert judgement, ease of communication to C-suite #ermsymposium #Bayesrules

    1. Dave Ingram@dingramerm 23 Apr Must look at risk measures in the context of your business model. C Lawrence #ermsymposium

    2. Need to invest in the future of risk profession. Mark Abbott #ermsymposium

    3. I just heard the coolest story from Hall of Achievement Inductee Gary Peterson #ERMSymposium

    4. Neil Cantle: Complex adaptive systems are more than the sum of their parts. #ERMSymposium 

    5. What is the biggest misconception about enterprise risk management?  #ERMSymposium #ERM #risk

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    6. What role does economic capital modeling play in your organization?  #ERMSymposium #ERM

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    7. Business Insurance article focuses on the Emerging Risks Survey and includes some quotes from me. #ERMSymposium 

    8. CFO magazine article quoting me and talking about the Emerging Risks Survey! #ERMSymposium 

  1. CRO needs to have a 360 degree view of risk. #ermsymposium
    from Chicago, IL Dave Ingram ‏@dingramerm 24 Apr
  2. New risk: longevity risk transfer products take a risk that was regulated into non-regulated areas. S Wason #ermsymposium from Chicago, IL Dave Ingram ‏@dingramerm 24 Apr
  3. Companies do not always believe in their own mortality which undermines any risk mgt culture. #ermsymposium
    from Chicago, IL Dave Ingram ‏@dingramerm 24 Apr
  4. Interconnectedness is THE issue for financial regulation going forward. #ermsymposium from Chicago, IL Dave Ingram ‏@dingramerm 24 Apr
  5. CEO needs to be very hands on with risk. Deniability is not an option. S Bair #ermsymposium from Chicago, IL Dave Ingram ‏@dingramerm 24 Apr
  6. Predictive analytics in US healthcare #ermsymposium from Illinois, US Dave Ingram ‏@dingramerm 24 Apr
  7. Canadians using ERM to improve financial management of health firms. #ermsymposium Dave Ingram ‏@dingramerm 23 Apr
  8. Professional Standards for Actuarial Risk Managers effective May 1, 2013 Dave Ingram ‏@dingramerm 23 Apr
  9. Too many think the risk equations are a closed form solution for the future when they are really about the past. M McCarthy #ermsymposium Dave Ingram ‏@dingramerm 23 Apr
  10. When you crossed a limit you HAD to take an ACTION. B Mark #ermsymposium from Chicago, IL Dave Ingram ‏@dingramerm 23 Apr
  11. Key goal of regulators is now financial stability. Zero tolerance for “fat tailed” failure. C Lawrence #ermsymposium
    from Chicago, IL Dave Ingram ‏@dingramerm 23 Apr
  12. Bank returns jumped from 7% to 20% in 1970s & believed that risk was under control. C Lawrence #ermsymposium Dave Ingram ‏@dingramerm 23 Apr
  13. Biggest risks are when we choose not know about potential problems that we did know about. Turning off fire alarms. W Fisher #ermsymposium Dave Ingram ‏@dingramerm 23 Apr
  14. ERM can find offsetting risks and notionally create capital and opportunity. This gets enthusiastic buy in from mgt. M Stein #ermsymposium Dave Ingram ‏@dingramerm 23 Apr
  15. The ERM program needs to show success on the opportunity side ot risk. J Kollar #ermsymposium Dave Ingram ‏@dingramerm 23 Apr
  16. Accounting can cloud risk issues. Challenge to reconcile different statement. M Stein #ermsymposium from Chicago, IL Dave Ingram ‏@dingramerm 23 Apr
  17. Disconnect between economics and accounting a challenge for ERM. Makes it harder to get buy in for ERM C Gilbert #ermsymposium Dave Ingram ‏@dingramerm 23 Apr
  18. CRO Council papers Model Validation & Emerging Risks M Stein #ermsymposium Dave Ingram ‏@dingramerm 23 Apr
  19. Key for CRO to be able to create a coherent summary of risk information for board M Stein #ermsymposium Dave Ingram ‏@dingramerm 23 Apr
  20. Get board involved asking the risk questions. This create engagement in the organization to answer those questions W Fisher #ermsymposium Dave Ingram ‏@dingramerm 23 Apr
  21. Wayne Fisher addressing Risk Profile at CRO panel #ermsymposium

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  1. Jawwad Farid Says:


    We need to publish and circulate #tags as part of the seminar handouts and registration materials as well as paper and announcement boards outside of sessions. Checkout tweets by RebootDude and FourQuants.

    It was very lonely tweeting at the #SOA #ERM Symposium in Chicago.

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