May the odds be ever in your favor

In the world of Hunger Games, the odds are in your favor if your exposure to being chosen as a tribute is low.
If your exposure is high, then the odds are not in your favor.

When you are selected to be a tribute, everyone still keeps saying that phrase. It must be maddening, since the odds of winning the games is on the average 1/24. Most people would usually assume that something that has only a 1/24 chance of happening is something that they can count on NOT happening.

And you quickly learn that the tributes from some sectors HAVE done lots to make the odds go in their favor.

That is what risk management is all about – taking actions so that the odds move in your favor. Selecting the best risks at both the macro and micro level, trimming the risks with hedges and reinsurance to drastically reduce the likelihood of a killer loss and intelligently choosing the total amount of risk to take on a year are the ways the risk management makes the odds go in your favor.

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