What’s Your Philosophy?

Strategic Risk Magazine has a piece with interviews of a dozen risk managers.  Once question was “What’s Your Philosophy?”  Here are the answers that they received:

Risk management is a fantastic career opportunity as it gives people a very broad and deep perspective on the business through strategic and operational involvement, dealing with people at all levels in an organisation.

Reed Elsevier chief risk officer Arnout van der veer

Risk management now is a career option – it wasn’t when I first started down this route. Certainly the world today is a riskier place and there is a demand for professional, competent people. You need to be qualified in a relevant discipline (business studies, economics, and so on – financial and economic literacy is key) and consider one of the excellent MBAs now available.

DLA Piper chief risk officer Julia Graham

My philosophy over the years has been to take new opportunities as they arise. The job is what you make it, using your skills and competencies.

Morgan Crucible director of risk assurance Paul Taylor

To be an enterprise risk manager, you need to get a solid grounding in business and management at different levels. It’s not an entry-level job.

Ferma vice-president and GDF Suez deputy chief risk officer Michel Dennery

There are uncertainties in everything we do, and hence a career in risk management provides the opportunity to explicitly do what everyone intellectually knows must be done. Further, the concept of uncertainty provides an intriguing angle from which a company can be addressed.

LEGO senior director, strategic risk management Hans Laessøe

You have to care – about jobs, the health of the employees, the health of the factories and the health of the business.

Ferma president and director of risk management for Pirelli Worldwide Jorge luzzi

If you are able to communicate to your colleagues the concept that a risk manager can help the company’s business, protecting profit margins and business continuity, and they understand this, risk management is a really enjoyable job.

Prysmian group risk manager  Alessandro de Felice

My motivation is to create value to my organisation by ensuring that we can deliver what we promise to our customers and shareholders through a well-functioning risk management process.

Assa Abloy group risk and insurance manager Fredrik Finnman

Risk managers should built professional skills over the following pillars: knowledge of risk measurement techniques; knowledge of the company’s processes; skills in spreading the risk culture inside the company; knowledge of the insurance business and risk underwriting: skills in leading internal working groups and designing procedures and control processes.

Telecom Italia corporate risk manager Paolo Rubini

Risk management is about managing risks inherent to the business, so it is critical to understand your business. Moving the company towards a different way of thinking about risk is all about change management and leadership. It’s important to share thoughts and experiences with other colleagues in the field. Attending professional and international events, such as the Ferma Forum, specific seminars and courses to meet other practising risk professionals is a good way to do this.

Campfrio Food Group director of corporate risk management and Ferma board member Christina Martinez

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