400 Posts – 70,000 Hits and Still Blogging

In April 2009, someone said to RISKVIEWS, why don’t you try blogging.

From April to August, the RISKVIEWS website consistently drew at least 600 hits per month to the Risk Management Quotes.  Then the blogging started.

Someone recently asked “How does this fit into your career plan?”  Interesting question.

Posting is now just a habit.  It happens in bursts.  Some weeks there are no good ideas, others there are many.  At least many ideas.  Over time there are even a few really good posts.

Here are a few that you may not have noticed:

You may not be able to Grow out if it

Growth does not always mean excessive risk, but excessive risk is almost always associated with high growth.

Who wins with leverage?

Leverage increases apparent returns in best of times but Increases risk considerably in worst of times.

How about a Risk Diet?

Why do you need an aggregate risk limit?  For the same reason that a dieter needs a calorie limit.

Adaptability is the Key Survival Trait

To survive such situations, it seems that the ability to quickly assess new situations, especially ones that look like old tried and true but that are seriously more dangerous, and to change what the organization is doing in response to these risks is key.

Your Mother Should Know

Something as massive as the current financial crisis is much too large to have one or two or even three simple drivers.  There were many, many mistakes made by many different people.  My mother, who was never employed in the financial world,  would have cautioned against many of those mistakes.

According to the site stats that I get, these posts have been read a total of less than 30 times.

So on a day like today, check one of them out.  Chances are you did not see it already.

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