Cellphone Danger

The WHO has just released a statement about possible cancer risk from cell phones.

Cell Phones are definitely dangerous.  Just try walking down any street.  Watch people suddenly stop walking or erratically change their pace of walking, even in a crowded sidewalk.  Invariably they have a cell phone up to their ear.  It is clear that cell phones suck the self preservation part of the brain right out of the ear.

And much more risky is the effect of cell phones on driving.  Some safety experts attribute as many as half of the auto accidents in the US to cell phones.  Cell phones seem to prevent people from noticing red lights, stop signs, stopped vehicles and pedestrians in their way. Thousands of deaths and millions of damage.

The cancer risk is the least part of the risk of cell phones.

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One Comment on “Cellphone Danger”

  1. riskczar Says:

    As Canadians, we pay the highest roaming charges in the world. Anyone’s brain might explode at the sight of one’s phone bill after using the BlackBerry during a 4-day trip to New York. Yes, very dangerous indeed.


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