Lucas Fayne Highly Recommends this Blog

The New York Times reported today that Lucas Fayne can be found on over 50 websites around the web endorsing the services of home remodeling contractors.  Riskviews did intensive research (i.e. a single Google search) and found a dozen references to the syndicated NYT article AND some of those endorsements.  Riskviews found that Fayne had home remodeling work done in Lexington Kentucky, San Marcos Texas, Irving Texas, Belmont Tennessee, Belmont New Hampshire, Minneapolis Minnesota before getting tired of researching.

So Riskviews decided to post his recommendation of this Blog.

Reality can be a much better teacher than Blogs.  Maybe there really is a Lucas Fayne who has had some much home remodeling work done all over the country.  Maybe he is such a consistent speaker that he has exactly the same thing to say about each and every contractor.

And maybe this story is a good lesson about due diligence.  And letting someone else provide your due diligence.

Riskviews seems to have actually done a little more research than the NYT.  Because Riskviews has discovered that there are other serial recommenders.  Nan Carlisle and Gillian Lee have also made statements about contractors in multiple states.  Lucas’ brother William seems to like the work that he had done also.

In this particular case, it was easy enough to find that these recommendations are probably bogus.  But you might want to keep this story in mind whenever you are tempted to be satisfied with a simple web based reference for someone or some service.

In the early days of computers, many unsophisticated managers were fooled into thinking that computer reports were by nature more accurate than hand typed reports.   More than one computer savvy person took advantage of that by getting the computer to simply print whatever they wanted a report to say, rather than doing what was assumed – getting the computer to actually determine an answer with its vast calculation power.

Few people who know how the internet works would fall for that sort of trick nowadays.  But how many people actually understand how the internet works?

Overreliance on the internet as an unchecked source of information is a risk to every business.  The risk manager should make sure that there are protocols to eliminate recommendations from the Faynes, Carlisles and Lees.

But in case you are someone who does not worry about things like that, here is the recommendation of this Blog:

We were very satisfied with the service and efficiency of your blog.  Getting the quote was quick and easy, and your staff started on time each day and worked hard. We are very confident with the job you did and have been recommending you to all our neighbors. Riskviews became a good friend to our family by the end of our project. He is a class act all the way!    Lucas Fayne (yourtown, yourstate)

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