ERM Events from Sim

SimErgy ERM Boot Camp
June 6-8, 2011
This practical hands-on program is designed to give participants tangible skills that can be applied immediately to successfully implement ERM. It uses a stimulating and dynamic combination of lectures, individual and group exercises, and case studies. The program is led by Sim Segal, FSA, CERA, and is based on his new book, Corporate Value of Enterprise Risk Management, his consulting experience, and his MBA/EMBA course at Columbia Business School.

The 10 Key ERM Criteria (Webinar)
May 25, 2011, 12:15pm – 1:15pm Eastern
A persistent issue in ERM is the lack of accepted ERM standards. This webinar presents 10 key criteria that define best practices and which can be used as a standard benchmark to evaluate the robustness of any ERM program. We will discuss common industry practices and evaluate them against each of these criteria. Speaker: Sim Segal, President, SimErgy Consulting

Five Keys to Successful Risk Identification (Webinar)
June 22, 2011, 12:15pm – 1:15pm Eastern
Risk identification is the first step in the ERM process cycle. Most assume that by now common practice must have evolved into best practice. However, this is not so. This webinar reveals the critical mistakes routinely made in risk identification that can derail the ERM process, and the five keys to successfully avoiding them. Speaker: Sim Segal, President, SimErgy Consulting

Risk Radio™
Thursdays, 12:15pm Eastern
SimErgy introduces an innovative medium for ERM discourse: a weekly radio program. Premiering March 31st, Risk Radio, airs Thursdays at 12:15pm Eastern. Hosted by SimErgy president Sim Segal, Risk Radio follows a talk radio format with 30 minutes of topical discussions on ERM. Occasional guests are featured and listeners may call in.

Also, See Sim’s new book at

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