Chief Mitigation Officer

Does your firm have a place for a Chief Mitigation Officer?  What is a mitigation officer, you ask?  Here is an excerpt from a job description from the CEA.

The Chief Mitigation Officer (CMO) will be responsible for the California Earthquake Authority’s (CEA) educational outreach efforts, collaborating with research institutions, and leading efforts to develop financial incentives to encourage seismic-risk mitigation.  The unique nature of the CEA’s public/private structure requires strong leadership capable of leading people and projects, and executing responsibilities through skillful collaboration, coordination and communication.   As a member of the executive management team, reporting directly to the Chief Executive Officer, the CMO will perform mitigation-project oversight as follows:

Duties / Responsibilities

۰    Manage statewide residential-retrofit programs designed to help California homeowners make their homes more resistant to earthquake damage and serve as the Executive Director of the California Residential Mitigation Program, a statutory Joint Powers Authority created for mitigation funding purposes.

۰    Develop programs aimed at educating the public on the importance of earthquake loss mitigation through multiple channels, including CEA participating insurers and the residential construction industry.

۰    Work with academic institutions, nonprofits, the residential construction industry, earthquake related research groups in both science and engineering, and other stakeholders to support mitigation-related research and educational activities, along with local, state and federal agencies to further California’s residential earthquake preparedness, protection and mitigation goals.

۰    Oversee programs providing financial assistance (loans, grants, rebates, or other financial incentives) that help homeowners with structural and contents retrofitting of their homes.  Contribute to the CEA’s ongoing efforts to establish justifiable mitigation premium discounts for CEA policyholders who make approved retrofit improvements to their homes.

Riskviews thinks that the idea has possibilities.  A different framing for some of the key activities in the risk management area.  Perhaps have two senior risk related positions, risk mitigation and risk evaluation.

For the Risk Mitigation, another firm might want to strongly downplay the outreach aspects that the CEA has a strong interest in.

Instead, The Chief Risk Mitigation Officer might be in charge of Risk Management Actions.

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