Changing Your Attitude

Discipline has been touted as one of the most important things that is needed for risk management to be effective.

But in fact the world keeps changing.  The definition of Discipline needs to change with the world.  Otherwise, you will find your risk management discipline  insufficient or too restrictive.

On a recent PRMIA web seminar, I asked the approximately 100 listeners…

How many times has your firm’s risk attitude changed between 2006 and now?

And got these answers:

    • 0 – 20%
    • 1 – 31%
    • 2 – 34%
    • 3 or more – 16%

So 80% of the firms changed their view of the level of riskiness in the world.

Hopefully for the career success of the CROs of those firms, they did not maintain a steady discipline during those years.

It is not poor discipline, it is good realism to change your risk management program as times change.

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