18,000 in a year

That’s how many different pageviews there have been of Riskviews in the first year of operation as a blog.  The best month in that first year was the last month, July 2010.

Thanks.  This will continue.

Riskviews is one of 141 million blogs operating on the web.  Riskviews has stayed on its theme of Risk and Risk Management. There were approximately 4 new posts per week over that first year.  Thanks to the many people who provided guest posts and especially to the “Regular Contributors

To celebrate this first anniversary of the start of the blog, I decided to feature one post from each month of that first year:

  1. ERM only has value to those who know that the Future is Uncertain (August 2009)  Explains how ERM must be valued prospectively, not retrospectively.
  2. Custard Cream Risk – Compared to What??? (September 2009) Talks about how risk assessments needs to have an anchor to be meaningful.
  3. An Al-Chet for Risk Managers (October 2009) Gives a litany of common shortcomings of risk managers as we are all human.
  4. Diversification Causes Correlations (November 2009)  Focuses on the risk contagion that comes out of the risk choices of major firms.
  5. Does Bloomberg Understand Anything about Risk Management? (December 2009)  Risk managers do not stand a chance if even the financial press characterized hedges as bets.
  6. All Things Being Equal (January 2010)  Talks about the danger that arises because the “standard assumptions” are rarely stated, let alone tested for validity.
  7. Burn out, Fade Away …or Adapt (February 2010)  The landscape of risk keeps changing.  Risk management needs to be adaptable if the firm is going to survive over the long run.
  8. Is ERM Ethical? (March 2010) Tries to tie risk management and other points of view commonly found within firms to different schools of ethics, rather to “right and wrong”.
  9. Skating Away on the Thin Ice of the New Day (April 2010)  The theme song for the current environment of high uncertainty is from Jethro Tull.
  10. Window Dressing (May 2010)  Suggests an alternative basis for determining regulatory capital.
  11. Regulatory Risk Management (June 2010) The extreme pitfalls of a high degree of regulatory involvement in risk management.
  12. Crippling Epistemology (July 2010)  Be careful that that expensive and impressive risk information system do not actually obscure the information needed to make risk decisions.
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One Comment on “18,000 in a year”

  1. […] 18,000 in a yearRiskviews commemorates its one-year anniversary in blogging. I’ve certainly enjoyed the posting at Riskviews this year. It’s great to see risk pros embracing blogging as a way of sharing ideas – especially in this era when risk management and insight are as important as ever. I’m hopeful that a culture of information sharing among actuaries and related risk professionals will emerge in the coming years. […]

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