Surprise, Surprise

If any of you heard me give the luncheon talk last year at the ERM Symposium, you will have to mark your calendars to attend a follow-up session on the same topic this year.  This year, Michael Thompson will be doing most of the talking.

That topic is the application of Plural Rationalities (aka Cultural Theory) to risk management.

Over the year since I gave that speech I have been working with Michael Thompson, one of the original authors of the Cultural Theory book, to explain the ways that the ideas from anthropology help to explain and can help to plan for the various experiences.

The key idea is called Surprise!  That is the name for what happens when someone expects one thing and another happens.  Thompson will be explaining how Surprise is a key driver of how people experience the risk environment.

In addition, I will be discussing an agent based model called The Surprise Game that demonstrates the dynamics of a system that runs under the rules of Plural Rationalities.

Thompson will wrap up with a discussion of the Clumsy solutions that have been found to be the answer to the puzzle of the world of risk.

So if I caught anyone’s interest last year at lunch with my smiley faces, come back this year for some serious discussion of the four part world of Plural Rationalities.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

10:00–11:15 a.m. Concurrent Sessions 5B

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