ERM Webinar Draws 1200 from over 40 countries!

Here are the final registration figures for the December 10 ERM Webcast:
Argentina Registrants:     2
Australia Registrants:     10
Bahrain Registrants:     1
Barbados Registrants:     1
Belgium Registrants:     1
Bermuda Registrants:     7
Canada Registrants:     22
Chile Registrants:     1
China Registrants:     8
Czech Republic Registrants:     1

Denmark Registrants:     1
Estonia Registrants:     1
France Registrants:     3
Germany Registrants:     14
Hong Kong Registrants:     23
Hungary Registrants:     1
India Registrants:     4
Ireland Registrants:     7
Israel Registrants:     1
Italy Registrants:     5
Japan Registrants:     23

Korea,  Republic of Registrants:     2

Lithuania Registrants:     1
Malaysia Registrants:     4
Mauritius Registrants:     1
Mexico Registrants:     1
Netherlands Registrants:     3
New Zealand Registrants:     1
Nigeria Registrants:     1
Norway Registrants:     1
Philippines Registrants:     1
Romania Registrants:     1
Singapore Registrants:     5
South Africa Registrants:     21
Sweden Registrants:     2
Switzerland Registrants:     5
Taiwan Registrants:     1
Thailand Registrants:     1
Trinidad And Tobago Registrants:     1
United Kingdom Registrants:     71
United States Registrants:     142

Total Meeting Registrants:     403

Survey responses tell us that there were approximately 4 listeners on the average for each registration, for a total audience of 1200 people from 41 countries.

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